1.”Rite of the Ancients” – The Budos Band.
2.”I’m on My Way” – Cándido.
3.”Viaje Feliz” – Buscemi.
4.”Up From The Sea It Arose And Ate Rio In One Swift Bite” – George Duke .
6.”Yuyo” – Bobby Hutcherson.
7.”Kiss” (DJ Smash Remix) – Bob.Belden Project feat. Jimi Tunnell.
9.”Blue Turning Grey Over You” – Billie Holiday.
10.”Charade” – Blossom Dearie.
11.”Serrado” – Djavan.
12.”Sugar Loaf Mountain” – George Duke.
13.”Groovy Samba” – Cannonball Adderley And The Bossa Rio Sextet.
14.”Smiling Faces Sometimes” – Bobbi Humphrey.
15. “Mira” – Andrew Hill.
16.”Merci Bon Dieu” – Charlie Rouse.
17.”Ummh” – Bobby Hutcherson.
18.”Don’t Stop” – Billy Larkin And The Delegates.
19.”Good Humor Man” – Blue Mitchell.
20.”You Make Me Feel So Good” – Bobbi Humphrey.

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  1. Idigoras dice:

    Buena música caliqueño………..

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